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Yes, preventing women from serving in combat roles is discriminatory, but they should still have to meet the same requirements, and should not be drafted into combat roles. They should also be offered free birth control to prevent problems from rape by enemies.

@8TMFV7P from Georgia answered…8mos

Yes, if they can pass the same physical tests as men, and the tests should be made tuffer

@9334YP3 answered…9mos

Yes, but on a purely voluntary basis, only so long as they unmarried and childless, as long as they meet the same standards as men, and never in a commanding or leadership role.

@92ZN97M from Florida answered…9mos

Yes, only if hey. want to. since women do not have the same physical structures as men

@92YHQCV from California answered…9mos

Yes, as long as they can pass the same physical tests as men because preventing women from serving in combat roles is discriminatory

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Yes, and also allow non-binary individuals to serve in combat roles

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Yes, and non-binary individuals should be allowed to serve in combat roles as well

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No, but allow women to serve in non-combat roles such as logistics and communication.

@rightandbased from Iowa answered…11mos

No, women are caregivers and nurterers and it is the obligation of men to protect them.

@8YKY9N4 from Washington answered…1yr

yes but they should work more to protect women from sexual assault and harassment

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The decision should be left to the military. War should not be a social experiment.

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yes, it is a women's choice to serve, and not only would it increase our defense capabilities, but it would also add more humans to our countries work force. and women know the risks of joining the army, including possible rape.

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Yes, men and women should have equal opportunities regardless of their gender identity

@Maxx48503800 from California answered…2yrs

No, but they should receive the same combat training should they ever need it

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As long as the battalions are segregated. Men are more likely to jeopardize the mission to protect women, and women by and large can't pass the same physical tests as men, further compromising safety if a situation were to arise where this would be important.

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Yes as it is voluntary and not turn into a draft situation. If they can pass the exact same tests that the men go through. If you are able to enter combat and are willing to put your life out there to protect others, then it should be allowed. But only if the requirements are met. There are some women that can run circles around most men.

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I dont think women who are supposed to be nurturing compassionate mothers should have to carry the mental scars of war

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No because that just means the American Empire will have more soldiers

@8HB749H from New York answered…2yrs

yes as long as they pass the same physical test that have not been eased to make them easier for women

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No, let male soldiers cheat on their spouses and/or bang other men.

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No, we should be defunding and scaling back the military, starting with combat roles.

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No, combat roles place women in a high risk situation for sexual assault

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No, men are more likely to risk the success of a mission in order to protect a women from danger

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Yes, preventing women from serving in combat roles is discriminatory