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@7PTCG38 from Wisconsin answered…6mos

Yes, at least two teachers or staff members who pass both a certified training course and psychological testing should be armed for emergency situations

@9439SLR answered…6mos

@93VVP97 from New York answered…7mos

@93RMFD7 from New York answered…7mos

@3SXNRFF answered…7mos

Yes, provided that they are properly trained, but I would prefer that schools hire professionally trained on-site security guards instead.

@93HTZPV answered…8mos

Having a cop in school to interact with the students, but also trained and armed. This will help the students have a better relation with cops.

@93CS3TH from Texas answered…8mos

@mythmanjay from Oklahoma answered…9mos

@92YHQCV from California answered…9mos

No, because this would increase the risk of accidental shootings, so we should hire professionally trained security guards instead

@9334YP3 answered…9mos

Yes, all teachers should be required to carry a gun and know how to use it.

@92Z8JX9 from Pennsylvania answered…9mos

This should be decided by the school in question whether to allow or deny.

@92XHZPP from Missouri answered…9mos

yes, but it should not be publicly known to anyone but the school board and police as well as should have to do mandatory monthly training and should only be volunteered for

@92SYWMQ from Kentucky answered…9mos

yes, but they should be required training and have a place to put it.

@92NYL55 from Indiana answered…9mos

Yes, schools should require at least one teacher or security guard to be armed, but they must be professionally trained

@92NVQ27 from California answered…9mos

NO, teachers should not be allowed to carry guns at school because teachers come to school to teach to educate the students not to carry violence around the campus.

@92K69KR from Oklahoma answered…10mos

No, hire professionally trained security guards instead of giving random teachers guns so that there will be a much more unlikely chance of any accidental shootings happening

@92HLYZH answered…10mos

Yes, but only if the teachers volunteer and are required to receive proper training and a thorough background check and Psych evaluation.

@92HLYZH answered…10mos

Yes, but only if the teachers volunteer and are required to receive proper training.

@92BG2S6 from Indiana answered…10mos

@929DQCT from Minnesota answered…10mos

@928JVDH from Wisconsin answered…10mos

@925JCCX from Wisconsin answered…10mos

@923HP45 from South Carolina answered…10mos

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@8ZTJN9H from North Carolina answered…11mos

 @JaredForALGov from Alabama answered…11mos

Allowed, yes. Required, no. We need to focus on empowering our teachers to teach and focus on reducing the causes of school shootings rather than stopping them once they start.

@8ZNYXZQ from Missouri answered…11mos

yes but teachers music go through heavy training and 2-3 teachers in higher risk hallways should have guns and and then 1 in each hallway

@8ZL6BBD from Colorado answered…11mos

@8ZL69RD from Colorado answered…11mos

@8ZGW3DM from North Carolina answered…11mos

Yes, schools should let teachers carry guns but only if they deem it is necessary - should have safety on and/or out of site during school

@8ZGPKQP from Washington answered…11mos

i would say yes because you never know because if there was a school shooting teachers would be there to help out but at the same time its a risk of there lives so no at the same time.

@8DQGJ59 from North Carolina answered…11mos

Yes, with a proper training course such as a concealed carry course.

@8ZBSLWN from Pennsylvania answered…12mos

@8ZBTJXT from Iowa answered…12mos

I believe it sounds like a good idea, but no in a teachers hand. We have policemen who would love to keep our schools safe.